Our History.

We were founded in 1986 in Osaka Japan.


C/A sport's predecessor organization Ambient Auto Fashion was founded in 1986.

As tuners for VW and AUDI, we started to introduce the European Tuners brand in Japan and started to introduce our own brand C/A sport in 1990.


We participated in the VWCUP race from 1987 and won the race held at the Suzuka Circuit. It was a pole-to-finish victory. In order to compete in strict race regulations, to win with limited resources, we focused on staring at ourselves. As a result of participating in the race, we have gained high technology and deep knowledge of VW vehicles.

At the same time, we felt VW's great identity in car building.


Each and every feature is not prominent, but when everything comes together and becomes VW, it creates a wonderfully high level of integrated balance that even feels humanism. That is the good thing about VW cars that we must absolutely protect as tuners. Times are changing and everyone is getting to know the beauty of VW.

Keeping the goodness of VW, and when our know-how is intelligently and casually fused, You will feel the VW intention deeper.